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Montessori School Governing Board

Montessori Academy Governing Board


The Montessori Academy of Early Enrichment’s mission is to provide a quality learning experience that is suited to the needs of the child. We believe that all children are unique individuals with different needs, interests, and abilities.

  • Chairman - Ella Murphy
  • Co-Chairman – Tiffanie Hoffman
  • Secretary – Nipapan Panek
  • Treasurer - Melissa Barth
  • Parent Liaison - Lucy Hernandez - (561) 649-0004 Ext. 301 or cell phone (561) 503-5305

Governing Board members can be contacted at (561) 649-0004.

Grievance Procedures: Talk with your child's teacher.
Schedule a meeting with your child's teacher.
Call the Parent Liaison and ask her to contact the Governing Board Secretary to put your name on the next Governing Board Agenda.
School Choice Options.

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2018 School Budget (PDF)            2017 Audit Report (PDF)           Board Minutes (PDF)           Board Notes (PDF)


September 13, 2017 Rescheduled
September 30, 2017
December 16, 2017
February14, 2018 Special Meeting
March 14, 2018
June 6, 2018